Do you know our PrestaShop theme and are you happy with it? We invite you to recommend it to others peoples.
We offer you 20% commission on the sales we generate by you!

How our PrestaShop affiliation works

1) Create an account on our shop.

2) Log in to your account and retrieve the affiliate link (example:

3) Insert the affiliate link on your website / blog promoting our theme, or give your email or sponsor code to your godchildren (example: 16307). You can also enter emails and messages to send to your friends directly from your account.

4) Consult the statistics on your account: your godchildren, the orders generated and the winnings.

Additional information on Seo Presta membership

There is no validity period for winnings. They do not expire after a certain time, you can remove them at any time.

An invoice must be uploaded to request payment of your winnings.