Fashion SEO is the result of several years of reflection and development to propose the most relevant and most optimized template for the SEO of PrestaShop 1.7. Nothing has been neglected, it’s the PrestaShop template that will give you the most chances to position yourself on the Google search engine!

Technical support available in English and French

The reality of the premium template market for PrestaShop

We have all bought and installed templates for our own PrestaShops or for those of our customers… And most of the time it’s the same disappointment! The SEO standards are not respected, the code is heavy, there are too many requests, the Hn markup is catastrophic, the CSS is badly coded, there are too many integrated modules, etc… In the end, you have to change template when it’s too catastrophic, or put your fingers inside to correct everything that’s wrong, when possible of course. It’s always a waste of time and money! Theme developers are not SEOs and we know very well that what they are aiming for above all is a maximum of features to meet a maximum of needs while neglecting performance. This doesn’t prevent them, however, from displaying « SEO optimized » on their template descriptions… which is quite misleading for buyers and always leads to disappointment behind!

What we guarantee with Fashion SEO template

In order to succeed in this SEO template project, we have gathered our complementary and essential skills for this project :

  1. Nicolas Mercatili, SEO referencing specialist for PrestaShop and WordPress, PrestaShop ambassador.
  2. Guillaume Batier, web developer and trainer specialized in PrestaShop, with many modules available on addons, also PrestaShop ambassador.

Between the two of us, we get all the necessary skills to propose you the ideal template to give a maximum of Google visibility to your PrestaShop shop.

We also brought in Guillaume Attias, an expert in neurosciences and cognitive sciences applied to sales effectiveness to optimize the UX and neuro-ergonomics of our PrestaShop template.

SEO / UX optimizations of the template

General structure

  • Clean and light code
  • Markup Hn copy on all pages (H1, H2, H3, etc)
  • Optimization of the number of requests when pages are loaded
  • Thematic siloing via a dedicated module
  • Mega-menu obfuscated to combine UX and SEO (coming in the next update)
  • Optimization of the internal mesh and crawl thanks to silos and an obfuscation technique


  • Baseline of the site on the top bar
  • Dynamic obfuscation of menu items according to silos in order to combine UX and SEO
  • Obfuscation of the links to the languages (except on the home page), the currencies and the button « my account ».

Home page

  • Loading the H1 tag and SEO text first in the source code as it is presented to visitors at the bottom of the page (CSS flex)
  • Semantically rich page thanks to numerous text contents
  • Obfuscation of links from the carousel of brands
  • Extract the latest posts from a WordPress blog (optional, can be disabled in the theme options)

Category pages

  • Description of the categories without text limits thanks to the button « More info + ».A single link to the product sheets (we avoid multiplying the same link to the same page)
  • Summaries of the products visible on the category pages
  • SEO texts at the bottom of the page to enrich categories semantically
  • Optimised pagination to avoid duplication of content: beyond page 1, the category description and SEO text are masked

Product pages

  • ALT tags automatically generated on product photos if not filled in
  • UX-oriented presentation
  • Highlighting of marks with obfuscated links to avoid breaking the silos


  • Reinsurance elements always visible
  • Links available in either no-follow or obfuscated
  • RGPB checkbox for the newsletter

Template customization


  • Desktop and mobile logo
  • Customizable and applicable colors for the whole site: main color, main color on hover, secondary background color, text color.
  • 10 fonts to choose from: Roboto sans-serif, Open sans-serif, Lato sans-serif, Montserrat sans-serif, Raleway sans-serif, Oswald sans-serif, Noto sans-serif, Poppins sans-serif, Josefin sans-serif, Crimson Text seri

Navigation menu

  • Possibility to leave or not the menu visible to the scroll
    Customizable font size
    Different layouts: uppercase, lowercase, capitalize


  • Baseline of the site customizable in the top bar

Home page

  • Customizable titles and subtitles for all elements of the home page
  • Unlimited number of featured products
  • Customizable banners and texts
  • Integration of the last 3 posts of the WordPress blog (optional if no blog)

Category pages

  • Possibility or not to display sub-categories
  • No text length limit on product descriptions
  • Setting the length of the produced extracts
  • SEO texts can be edited directly on the category records

Product pages

Two types of beaching possible


  • Customizable colors
  • Ability to import a background image
  • Customizable reinsurance elements: pictograms and texts
  • Free text that can be integrated between contact details and social networks
  • Editable social networks
  • Publishable Copyright

Child template

To go even further in the personalization, we propose you a child template. The advantage of a child template is that it allows you to modify the original template without overwriting the old code still present in the parent template. You will therefore be able to update our PrestaShop template without losing your modifications and customizations.

What is included in the template

  • SeoPresta Theme Editor: module dedicated to template customization
  • SeoPresta Menu: very intuitive menu module, like « WordPress ».
  • SeoPresta Silos : SEO module dedicated to thematic siloing
  • SeoPresta HrefLang : SEO module dedicated to hreflang
  • Fashion SEO Child : child template

In addition, Fashion SEO template for WordPress

Fashion SEO for WordPress to integrate a WordPress blog to your PrestaShop store


Offer the best to your PrestaShop!